Cook Research Group

Welcome to the Cook group website. We are a synthetic organic chemistry group based at Montana State University in beautiful Bozeman, MT. Our research interests lie in synthetic methodology, asymmetric synthesis, mechanistic elucidation, organometallic chemistry and total synthesis.

Recent Group News

  • Rory and Hans have been awarded INBRE-USP scholarships. (10/14/19)
  • Former REU student Reagan Dreiling has been selected to present at the Council on Undergraduate Research’s 2019 REU Symposium in Washington, DC. (9/11/19)
  • Veronika is awarded an INBRE-USP Scholarship. Congratulations! (10/8/18)
  • $$$ – The group has been awarded a three year NSF grant (CHE-1800487) to further develop our decarboxylative allylation work – $$$ (7/6/18)
  • Aoife is awarded a Cole-Tierney Scholarship. Congratulations! (5/14/18)
  • Jun Chen (former QUB master’s student) successfully defends his Ph.D. at the University of Victoria, in Canada. (5/2/18)
  • Kate’s fragmentation-Rearrangement Paper is accepted by Tetrahedron for the Sir Derek Barton Centennial Special Edition. (4/17/18)
  • Aoife passes her orals candidacy exam. Well done! (3/30/18)
  • Juliana’s ketenimine paper is accepted by Org. Lett. (10/16/17)
  • Juliana Alexander successfully defends her thesis defense. Well done! (9/14/17)